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Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Johannes, I’m 35 years old, and I live in the south of Germany in a town called Ravensburg.

I’m very passionate about mountains and photography in particular. Oddly enough, I found these two passions relatively late in my life. In my early twenties, when I moved to an Austrian town called Graz, I made real contact with the alps for the first time.

Friends dragged me along on a few alpine hikes, I started climbing, and soon I spent all my free time in the mountains. For me, they are both a haven of peace and a place to push my personal boundaries.

At some point, I picked up a small digital camera to capture special moments without artistic pretense, simply for documentation. I soon became annoyed by the lack of of control over the photos I was taking – some were overexposed, others too dark.

One thing led to another and I bought my first DSLR. From this point on, I intensely dealt with the technical aspects of photography, while the artistic aspect grew more important over time.


Now, years later, mountains and landscape photography are still my two greatest passions in life, and with all the knowledge I’ve accumulated, I hope to share my love and fascination for nature and teach other people through my workshops how to capture their own vision professionally!

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