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Private Workshops

Do you love shooting landscapes and are looking for the ultimate guided adventure in nature?

I offer individual photo workshops that are fully customized to your abilities and wishes. All private workshops are being offered in stunning, photogenic places all over Europe: The Dolomites, Brittany (France) and Saxon Switzerland (both the german and czech side). I have scouted all of these locations extensively and will be able to guide you to even the most unknown and most beautiful of places, far away from the normal tourist spots, so you’ll come home with breathtaking images.

Prices vary depending on location, duration and type of accommodation.

I offer photo workshops in the following locations


Whether in a hotel, as a hut tour or in a tent. The Dolomites offer breathtaking photo opportunities in every season and weather.

What’s being taught?


Basically everything that you want to learn! We can work on your technical fine-tuning (e.g. focus stacking, bracketing, focusing, use of filters etc.) but also on the artistic side, like how to find compositions, motif selection, focal length etcetera. Here and there, I will also take some photos myself so that I can show you my own workflow. In-field work will – if desired – be supplemented by post-processing. I’ll be happy to show you my post-processing workflow and give you a basic framework with which you can edit all your images in an appealing way.


What do I need for the Workshop?


A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a variety of different lenses (both wide-angle and telephoto). A sturdy tripod and possibly some filters and a laptop for post-processing.

The rest of the equipment is completely individual and depends on the workshop. From normal street shoes to rubber boots to hiking boots, from a normal photo backpack to a hiking to trekking backpack, everything is possible.

Staying at multiple hotels to cover the vastness of those landscapes is recommended.

In the Dolomites, for example, it is even possible to hike from hut to hut or sleep in a tent. In Saxon Switzerland you can bivouac directly in the National Park in Boofen (ledges at sandstone cliffs) in order to be directly at the best spots at sunrise and to reach remote spots that hardly anyone else knows or photographs. So there is something for every physical constitution, and everyone is guaranteed to get his money’s worth!

I advise you being more or less familiar with the basic settings of your camera. Since there are countless camera manufacturers and models, I can’t know all the settings of all cameras. If you are still unsure how to use your camera, feel free to bring along the camera manual


How do I book a private workshop?


Just send me an E-Mail with your wishes and ideas or contact me if you have any further questions.

Please note my Workshop ToS.

Thanks for your message!

Private Workshop Anker
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